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the journey is never over

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The Rock star of in-Car Cooking

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The Tools for Your Journey

Eat Like A King

Save money and eat better compared to fast food. Search "12 volt lunchbox oven recipes" on YouTube 

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Its Time to Start on That Bucket List

The Grand Canyon has been around for millions of years, and will be there for millions more--but you want be. 

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Package Deal

Save a lot on the two most popular tools for in-car meal and beverage preparation. 

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Life is a Journey

Find yourself, enjoy the ride

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Customer Comments

I just ate Filet Mignon and a loaded baked potato cooked in the 12 volt oven. It took about 1 1/2 hours to cook the potato but I did it while driving

David S. from Dallas

Always having a supply of hot water for soup, oatmeal, tea and coffee is such a convenience. The hot pot is fabulous.

Megan M., Phoenix

I'm a long-haul truck driver putting in 11 hours of driving per day. I often need a quick jolt of caffeine without having to stop. With the 12 volt beverage heater plug I can have a cup of instant coffee in under 10 minutes and not have to stop driving.

Lenny L., Nashville

Wilson Arch, Utah

Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona

Big Sky Country, Montana