12 Volt Lunchbox Oven

12 Volt Lunchbox Oven

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Highly versatile tool for cooking on the road

Plugs into cigarette lighter

Heats to 300 degrees

Has 15 amp fuse, draws 12 amps and 144 watts

Can bake bread, cornbread, muffins, cake, cookies, brownies etc. (anything that can be cooked in conventional oven)

Also cooks:

Hamburgers, steaks, ribs, chicken, pork

All frozen dinners

Corn on the cobb, asparagus, canned vegetables

Baked potato

Stew, soups, gumbo

Tips:  1) use 8 X 4 ½ in aluminum pans (sold separately)

           2) double cooking time of conventional ovens

            3) Google: “12 volt lunchbox oven Youtube” for many cooking ideas